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1986 190E 2.0-8V

This is a 1986 190E 2.0-8V. This is a very cool looking 2L that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. His name is Clifford. No, not the owner........the car is named Clifford. The wheels are made by Auscar. They are 16" with Falken ZE-502 205/50 tires.

The bodykit, suspension and manual transmission were all optioned when the car was first bought, so it has looked like this pretty much all it's life. The only alterations that were made are the wheels (it had some color coded 15" AMG's on it but they were pretty ugly so they are currently used as back up).

More exterior features include; Tinted windows, blacked out tail lights, clear corner indicators. Added for the interior is a woodgrain/leather momo steering wheel and a fairly large stereo.

Now that we've talked about the exterior features, the engine work will be discussed. "Clifford" was under the knife getting a Supercharged 2.3L (along with some headwork) to make up for the slightly sluggish 2L-8V.

Anyway, Blair's goal was to make the car accelerate like its bigger brother, the EVO II 2.5-16v. How did it turn out Blair?


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