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1986 2.3-16V

This is Aki’s 1986 190E 2.3-16V. Equipped with the factory 16V Mercedes Benz ground effects makes it look very clean and ready to ride.
First off you notice the very cool 3-piece 16” AMG wheels with P-zero 225/45ZR-16 all around.
Interior upgrades include an AMG leather steering wheel by Momo italy which you see here.
Here you can see the Hella smoked taillights, they look very nice. Matches the rest of the car and gets your attention without screaming at you.
Aki wanted to make sure you saw these nice Bosch European headlights with clear corner lens, so here they are, nice and personal. It really updates the look of the 190E.
It is a US version 5-speed 16V, and all the engine components such as timing chain, oil cap, and etc. have been updated...Aki quotes, “It runs very strong.”

In the future, It is possible that Aki will install the Hella HID headlight system. As soon as I install it, I will provide the detail at once. This will be available for the 190 Revolution website. “In short, great car at reasonable price range.”


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