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Oettinger 2.8-16V

This is Bernard’s amazing 16V model. Amazing you ask?……..but why? Well, this is no ordinary 16V. Under the hood resides the stroked 2.8L motor by Oettinger. 2.8? That’s very impressive.
What’s equally impressive is the body styling that this Benz sports. It has the usual 16V kit and what goes nice with the Evo style rims. Look at that wheel tuck!! The suspension has a little extra to it. Other than the Sachs shocks the system can be adjusted. There are 3 levels: high, which is normal height; normal, which is lowered height; and extra low, which you see in this picture.
Here is how Bernard controls the ride height in his car, this small three-way switch next to the headlight controller. Way cool!
Here is the instrument panel……yes those are Kilometers.
The exhaust system has been de-stricted via. a Cr-Ni steel(inox) piping and rear muffler only. No Catalytic converter and no resonators. Bernard quotes that the car sounds like a “Beast”. Rightfully so with those twin DTM square tips letting all those others behind him know that this Benz is not something to take lightly.
The emblems are black to match the car and the taillights weren’t forgotten either.
For the interior, a nice burlwood touch has been added. The steering wheel was exchanged to match and the shift knob is ready to go. Even the key was not forgotten.
Bernard prefers the wiper blade to be pointing at 12 o’ clock to give the car that Euro Rally look. The grill looks to be painted black and there is no way you can forget the ever important European Headlights and clear corner lens.
I suppose everyone’s wondering what that 2.8 can do. Well, Bernard took the liberty in providing some performance numbers. Max speed clocked in at 266 Km/h (165 MPh)( measured), acceleration (0-62 mph)~ 5.5 sec (measured). Max torque 320Nm (232 Ib.Ft.), 214 kw for 1200kg , displacement is 2789ccm or 2.8 rounded up.

Everyone eat your heart out…’ve just seen a 2.8L-16V Original 4 cyl. Mercedes Benz motor and only on the 190 Revolution.


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