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"The Place for all 190 Enthusiasts"

1986 190E 2.4-8V Supercharged

This is a very cool looking 2.4 that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. His name is Clifford. No, not the owner........the car is named Clifford. The wheels are made by Auscar. They are 16" with Falken ZE-502 205/50 tires.

The bodykit, suspension and manual transmission were all optioned when the car was first bought, so it has looked like this pretty much all it's life. The only alterations that were made are the wheels (it had some color coded 15" AMG's on it but they were pretty ugly so they are currently used as back up).

More exterior features include: Tinted windows, blacked out tail lights, clear corner indicators.

The 2.0L motor has been swapped for a more powerful 2.3L, however, that’s not all. There was some fault in the motor so it had to be stroked out to 2.4L. Well, that’s still not all. In order to get that low end torque that everyone loves, Blair opted for a supercharger!! How is that? There is no kit for the 190E. Well, Blair’s mechanic did custom work on the 2.4L motor. Here you can see the nice polished piping and air filter down below. That polished valve cover really sets a nice touch to the car as well.
Some other things have been added to give the car a nicer touch. For example…..the Mercedes Benz floor mats and the chrome threshold plate. Looks good.
The Momo steering wheel also adds to the attraction.
Stereo wise, there is a Kenwood Exceleron Mask head unit, Focal 5 1/2" splits in the front, Infinity 5 1/2" Splits, Focal 13" Subwoofer in the trunk, Audison 4x50w rms amp bridged into my fronts, Coustic 2x70w rms amp running my rears, 350w rms Pheonix Gold amp running my sub, Phoenix Gold 30 band two channel equalizer and a Coustic 3 way active crossover to direct it all.
The exhaust has been changed as well in order to meet the superchargers needs of breathing. it's 2.5" all the way down and out. Blair quotes that it “sounds pretty awesome, I get allot of looks even when I'm not driving enthusiastically.”

Blair put in low compression pistons (8.2:1), had the head ported and polished, had the engine blueprinted and put the supercharger on. Then came the rest of the car, he did a custom rebuild of the gearbox with custom short shift linkages, put on a light weight flywheel, strenthened and balanced the tailshaft, strenthend the univeral joints, rebuilt the diff, did a custom rebuild of the steering box (now quick ratio, it's AWESOME), replaced the fuel injection system with a Wolf 3d unit (Blair can now link the 190E to a laptop :-) ) and replaced all suspension bushings, you would not believe how much better the handling is. There's a heap of other stuff but theres to much to mention here.

Currently it's putting out 105kw (140hp) at the rear wheels, but the boost will be cranked up and injection map set properly. Blair’s mechanic is aiming for 135-140kw (180-190hp) at the rear wheels. Great improvement from the former 2.0L motor.

This is not all, Blair wants to do more to the car. A new front grill will be added, decent seats, some nice looking wheels and definitely a brake upgrade. These updates will be only on the 190 Revolution.

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