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This is Carlís 1989 190E 2.5-16V. He ended up getting it after someone ran their Vicar into Carlís previously owned 2.3-16V. Carl still wanted something with a Cosworth head on it. After the headaches and delays, Carl ends up with a very similar car plus 0.2L. Canít beat that deal. Here is Carlís beautiful 2.5-16V, only on the 190 Revolution.

  • 17" AMG replica wheels on 205/40/17s
  • Clear corner lenses
  • Euro-styled headlights
  • Sidemarker indicators
  • Door handles and grille reprayed (see tech section)
  • Darkened rear lights
  • Sony CD-Player, with 4 speakers + sub
  • The back shelf is now a home-built MDF replacement, housing two 6x9 speakers. In the boot there are two amps, one powers the rear speakers, the other the sub (located in the boot). Iíve glued a piece of wood to the petrol tank and screwed both amps to it, and then hid them behind the carpet. The sub is strapped to the floor. The hole where the medical kit was, is now the portal for the bass. This was the only solution I could think of. The entire shelf is covered with acoustic material to give it a smooth finish, and it sounds good.