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Here is Errol’s 190E 2.3-16V. Another clean car. Factory 16V Mercedes body kit gives the car the added styling it takes to turn heads.
Errol decided that the stock wheels weren’t cutting it so he opted for 16x7” Moda (by BBS) wheels; Errol’s unsure of the exact model though. Wrapping the Moda’s are 225/45/16 Dunlop SP Sport W-10 tires.
Here is a nice shot of the 2.3-16V motor sitting comfortably in the 190E engine bay.
Other than changing the front speakers to Infinity's, everything else is original. But it is a 2.3-16V model. So it already has some nice goodies on it and although almost completely stock besides the rims, that car is sure to turn heads. Errol will keep us posted as to what changes on his 16V.


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