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1984 190D

This is Svenís 1984 190D. It is, so far, the only Diesel in the Readers rides. Sven admits, It's not much of a speed devil, but he sure does love it.
Sven added white indicators in front and he also has side marker indicators on the side of his car. It currently rolls on 205/60's (Too wide with these alloys) rear and 195/60's in front. The type of wheels was not mentioned to me.
Sven services it regularly and always makes sure to keep it nice and clean. Its color is Surf Blue (Color Code 900).
A nice side shot of Sven's diesel-ran Benz.
It has now passed 290000 km, and it's still going strong.

Future upgrades (hopefully) include:

  • Handsfree (Or preferrably Blaupunkts RadioPhone)
  • An amplifier and two subs
  • Painted bumpers (Only grey parts)
  • Central Locking
  • New middle console ("Taxi"-console)
  • White indicators rear


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