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Getting tired of that old gray looking grill? Here is a very nice way to update the looks of your 190E. Best of all, it only costs about $3. Depending on the color and brand of paint. Here is what you’ll need:

  • Basic tools with an extension for your wrench.
  • Spray Paint (color of your choice, I recommend dark gray or even black)
  • A good friend to talk about girls and drink beer with.

Open the hood and look on the underside of the hood. You will see 6 (if memory serves me right) maybe 8 bolts that you will need to remove. Two bolts you will need to use an extension to get to. They should be 8mm.

Unbolt the grill and remove it from the car. Its pretty straightforward from here. Just undo the center emblem (not the hood ornament), remove the clips, and the rest of the bolts. Then just slide that chrome trimming off.

Now you should have the plastic part of the grill all by itself. Have your lazy buddy wipe off the chrome grill and the small pieces WITHOUT BENDING THEM!

Now just get the grill and place it on an old Wallstreet Journal and clean it up a tad bit. Then just lightly prime it first. Use primer paint b/c you want the real stuff to stick and look nice and smooth. After the primer coat just do about 3 coats of the color of your choice. Let dry and vwallah. Your car will look much better. Its not the kind of upgrade that will stand out and your friends will say “Wow, nice grill man.” But, it is the kind of thing that improves the overall looks of your car without the grill saying “hey look at me”. I recommend this to anyone with that dull gray grill look. You won’t be disappointed.

Oh yeah, Installation is the reverse of removal. Once installed, you will be amazed at how new your car looks!!!!!


Clinton Davis
'86 190E 2.3-16V


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