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Materials needed:

  • 1/2" drive socket wrench
  • Hydrolic jack
  • Jack stands
  • 1/4" drive socket wrench

Note: you do not need the spring compressors for the rear spring removal and installation. This is much easier and less stressful than the front assembly.

I shouldn't have to tell you this but stabalize your car on jack stands on both sides of the car. Be sure to find a spot that is stable. Remove your wheels :-).

Here I am pointing to a spot on the rear spring support arm plastic cover. What I'm pointing at is where the mounting bolt (yes, even this peice of plastic has a mounting bolt) for the plastic arm cover. Remove this bolt from the cover and then remove the plastic cover. I took the picture while it was off the car for clarity.

Ok pay attention. This is easy. On the side of the spring support arm are 3 bolt and nut set up. One for the anti roll bar, one for the rear strut, and the last is for the hub carrier. Here I'm pointing to two of the three and the third bolt the creseant wrench is on.

Use the hydro jack to jack up the spring support arm (SSA) in order to release the tension. Remove all three of the nuts from the bolts and carefully remove the bolts.

After you remove the 3 nuts and bolts, carefully lower the hydrolic jack and then remove the hydrolic jack from under the SSA. From here, simply push the SSA down while removing the spring.


This is the SSA by itself. The Install is the exact opposite of the removal. Just be sure to use the hydro jack to line everything up when putting the bolts back in. Remember to always use extreme caution when working on your car. Any injuries caused by this process is of the sole responsibility of the mechanic. Good luck!!!


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