UPDATE 6/27/2004
As most of you already know, www.190revolution.net is down.
The forum was the subject of a medium sized DoS (Denial of Service) attack, using about 30-50 "zombie" PCs. Basically, a massive flood of fake information requests are targeted at non-existent ports, causing...problems. Like, say.... 60 gigs of transfer in 2 days (we don't clear that in 6 months with normal traffic). It's next to impossible to stop, and no one cares. Not our hosting company, not his ISP, not law enforcement (even though it IS a state AND federal crime). We have a few suspects but if anyone has any information about it to please contact me personally...
If you have or know of a 190E that is worthy enough of bieng in the "Ride of the month", email me at Concentric190@yahoo.com thanx!

If you have a Readers' ride and want it to be updated or you want to have your ride on the 190 Revolution please email me at Concentric190@yahoo.com . If anyone has any questions or comments, please post them on the 190 Revolution forum at the new 190 Revolution site at www.mb190.com Thanks!


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